Exhibit Services stands for a comprehensive portfolio of exhibition and event services, refined in years of research and operation. In touch with the latest trends of our industry, we constantly develop and apply our extensive know-how to deliver perfect realizations for our clients.


The project management is the essence of our work! We align all steps of live presentations; the planning and realization of the architectonical concept as well as the management of the event – connecting dots and pulling strings. Short and effective communication lines thereby cater to our clients’ individual needs and unique presentations.


With us, our clients do not feel like being handled at an assembly line. We attach great importance to consistency in project management, assigning one permanent contact person per client. Long-term partnerships play also an essential role with regards to our suppliers, resulting in relationships which last much longer than one project.


Exhibit Services proudly looks back at numerous projects for clients from various industries. More than 13 years of global operation have been a valuable teacher, whose lessons are applied today!


In years of operation, we built up a reputation of trusted supplier. We know the etiquette of high profile clients, the delicacy of (glazing) prototypes and the importance of business secrecy – applied at various exhibitions staged in R&D centres of the automotive industry. Our clients do not only trust us to handle their products; they also trust our integrity when dealing with their clients.


Simon Schoenwaelder

Exhibition and Operation

“Simon is our chief of operation, always planning three steps ahead! At almost any given time, Simon runs, talks, texts or sets reminders – until the project is a success and the team is back home, safe and sound.”

Rudolf Kaussen


“With over 35 years of experiences in Exhibitions and Events, Rudolf is the silver liner of Exhibit Services GmbH. Advising best practices, counseling on clever solutions or recommending the best restaurant in town; he knows where and how.”

Julian Brigmann

Events and Concept

“The project management is the essence of Julian’s doing: in preparation of a concept or when producing an event, all bits and pieces are collected, structured and put into action!”


Departing from the center of Europe, we travel the globe with and for our clients. From the skyline of Shanghai to the beaches of the Caribbean, from the factories in France to the tech office in Silicon Valley, we deliver one consistent standard independently of the location and production.

Behind the Scenes