Our services

Concept Development

In our concepts, we present detailed & innovative proposals to answer our clients’ briefings! The concepts are built on three pillars, starting with the communication: which messages are to be presented, what products may be placed to the spotlight? Next, the look & feel is presented: how do the messages reflect in the design? What mediums are employed to translate the content into experiences? Finally, realistic sketches and visuals round up the concepts – be it for an exhibition, an event or digital communication.

Booth Construction

(Architectural) concepts become detailed plans and plans become reality! Our roots go back to exhibition construction, putting all preparation into practice! With our local partners including carpenters, locksmiths, painters and builders, we are happy to produce and build exhibition booths and event settings with a size of up to 500m2 – exactly following the 3D visuals.

Event Management

The project management is the essence of our work! Running a booth or hosting an event goes beyond the obvious. With precise plans and detailed schedules, we respond to the requirements of the project and realize solutions – be it technique, water/electricity, legal permits, catering, cleaning, security, transport or even guest management! We accompany our clients during all phases of the production, from the scratch to the presentation and further.


The prerequisite of successful international exhibitions and events is a smooth transportation process! In years of operation, we developed our expertise in global logistics, especially when it comes to delicate goods: glass windshield prototypes to China, priceless old-timer to the U.S. or even short-term delivery of 100k flyers to the Olympic games in Russia. We team up with the major cargo companies and handle all aspects of a transport: from door to door, properly packed, insured and registered with customs, all goods are in capable hands.

AV + Digital

We regard the trend of digitalization in product communication not as an alternative to tactile displays but as an effective and attractive add-on for exhibitions! Combining a physical product display with digital information results in exciting user experiences; augmented/virtual realities enhance the presentations while applications enable the user to understand and review contents. Tailored to the characteristics of the products, we offer a wide variety of digital tools, from event related microsites to online magazines, from augmented to virtual realities or from keynote presentations to video productions.

Product Display

We offer creative solutions to display our clients’ products in an authentic and intuitive manner. Following a vision, an idea is developed combining brand and product features: state of the art designs flatter the exhibit, attract the attention of the audience and allow for exciting product experiences. At all times, the technical requirements of the products are met – be it cabling, light requirements, computers and other elements that are essential but ideally hidden. Ultimately, prototypes are built and tested – before going to mass production.

Out of the Box

Did you ever need 2000 USB Sticks overnight – on a weekend? Were you ever asked to transport a classic car within three weeks to another continent? Have you ever been challenged to produce massive company logos in brushed metal, floating on water? Did you ever transport and custom clear unique technical prototypes to Las Vegas within three days? We are the “go to Guy”! Facilitating our global network of experts and our experience of 30 years in corporate events and exhibitions, we are at our clients’ side – to make the impossible possible!