Making the world a better place.

In times of climate change, polluted seas and a myriad of civil ware, our day to day challenges largely consist of approaching deadlines, detailed schedules and expanding to-do lists. We are very happy about these challenges, to be born on this patch of earth and to be able to turn our passion of spatial communication into our profession. Commonly, booth construction and events are not characterized by a very sustainable, environmentally friendly use of resources: measures such as a paperless office, optimized and CO2 neutral logistics, recycling of building materials and sustainable planning of stand systems reduce our ecological footprint, but do not eliminate it.

We think that we can do more with Exhibit Services. We want to tackle this together with our customers. We will donate 1% of our revenue to various organizations – three specific projects are offered quarterly by us, together with our customers we determine the sums to be donated. Our goal is to actively address the true challenges of our time through our passion – planting a few trees with each project, fishing some plastic from the ocean, or building a well in Africa … There is so much to do!